Simple and Easy Way to Body Skincare

There is so much the skincare industry provides. Incorporating sophisticated and delicate ingredients for a variety of skin types. Having products focusing more on the facial skin, we went on taking care of the most exposed areas: our face and neck. However, skincare should not stop there anymore. The new trend in 2022 in skincare is to tend to your skin from top to toe, in search for products that provide active ingredients not only for the face but also for the body. 

Since there are more people taking self care seriously, there are more people concerned about themselves from inside and out. Our skin being the primary protection from exterior stress, we can start giving it extra attention starting NOW. 

dalba white truffle

Mushrooms are also another skincare trend rising in 2022. They are known for their healing properties in traditional Chinese medicine, having antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics. In ALL of d’Alba’s products, white truffle, one of the most prized ingredients for consumption and cosmetics, is infused. White truffle provides vitamin C, vitamin B12 minerals, and amino acids that contribute to elasticity and antioxidant effects. 

The white truffles used in d’Alba products are harvested from Alba, Piedmont, a town in Italy, that is known for its high quality white truffles. Having all the information in mind, d’Alba can provide a simple, quick and easy body skincare product. The White Truffle Body Glow Spray Serum.

dalba white truffle body glow spray serum

The White Truffle Body Glow Spray Serum a.k.a. dalba body mist, can be a great start to body skincare. Those who are not used to applying creams all over the body, a simple shake and spritz all over the body can help with damaged and dry skin. Giving your body the hydration and moisturisation it needs to glow. 

dalba white truffle body glow spray serum

The body mist does not contain only white truffle but includes 24 different kinds of organic plant-based substances too. Some of which are avocado oil, oats extract, basil extract, sunflower seed oil, Mexican chia seed extract, etc.

The body spray serum has a wide spray range that allows even application to the skin, including your back or anywhere that is out-of-sight to promote instant nourishment for a luscious and healthier skin all over.

dalba white truffle spray serum

Use the White Truffle First Spray Serum on your FACE and White Truffle Body Spray Serum on your BODY, and you will be able to achieve glowy skin from top to toe. Go on and start self care with d’Alba!