Skincare: Before and After Workouts

Workouts are done on a daily basis both for the health, strength, posture, and mind. What about the skin? How should you treat your skin before/after workouts? What does your skincare routine look like for a workout?


One quick check before diving in, workouts are great not only for the body health but your skin, too. Heavy breathing, sweat, redness, these signs may not make you think you’re caring for your skin when you exercise, but you’re actually doing great for your skin!

Daily workouts regenerate the aging process of our whole body, including the skin also. Yoga, pilates, cardio help correct the posture, improve flexibility helping the body look youthful. Also, the use of more oxygen increases the circulation of blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients including skin cells. During workouts, toxins flush out from the body, improving collagen and new cell production resulting in anti-aging effects also making your skin glow.

But a lot of people don’t know the right way to treat their skin for workouts. Neither, they don’t do anything because they’ll sweat anyways or do too much to the skin that can create problems.


dalba mild gel cleanser


After Workouts

The first thing to do after workouts is washing the face properly. Your face is covered with sweat and bacteria. Use a cleanser that will thoroughly get rid of sweat, dirt, and oil, while not irritating the skin. Especially because the skin gets more sensitive, using mild and gentle products is important. The Peptide no-sebum Mild Gel Cleanser keeps the skin’s pH level below 6.5 which is the natural state also delicately exfoliating dead skin cells and excess oil. The gel texture makes a smooth application with beneficial nutrients for the skin.


After cleansing, go with a mild moisturizer. Too many products could irritate the skin and cause acne problems. The skin needs soothing, calming down any heat that has been made during the workout. The White Truffle Intensive Skin Calming Serum provides skin relief with ultra hydration. With content of Hibiscus Esculentus Fruit and Centella Asaiatica extract for moisture and tea tree oil, green tea oil, and avocado oil making a protection layer, this 2 layered serum makes the perfect balance of skin tone.


dalba calming serum


Things to Avoid

Because your skin gets sensitive, there are a couple of things to avoid for skincare. Strong ingredients like retinoids and vitamin C are something you should use at another time. They may lead to stinging and irritation. Also don’t use hair conditioners which contain isopropyl myristate because it can cause the blockage of pores resulting in other skin problems.

Another rule you should absolutely keep is not touching your face. Your hands are full of bacteria from touching different equipment. That may lead to certain skin infections. Wear light and loose clothes. The skin will be able to breathe not irritating any part of the skin preventing skin issues.


Workout daily with a correct skincare process. Just remember, use the minimum of products possible and mild and light moisturizers for calming down the skin. Your skin will be vibrant, glowing for the rest of the day.