5 Tips to Prep Your Skin for Autumn

Everyone’s favorite season, FALL is here! Which means our skin needs love and affection even more. As much as we love its weather and luxurious vibe it gives off, there’s something about fall that makes you happy and bothers you at the same time. Your skin starts to strip off, your body starts to get itchy, your face starts to dry off, and your lips get chapped uncontrollably. We understand the struggles, which is why we would like to introduce our beloved customers to follow these tips we are about to share.

We are here to make fall a perfect season for you. After scorching sunny days with lots of air-conditioning and rain, it’s time to give your skin some healing for cooler weather ahead of us. As long as you follow these 5 steps, your skin will stay glowy and healthy while staying super hydrated all throughout the season!


1. Spray as much as you want when needed.

dalba spray mist serum 

Whose skin feels tight and flaky already? White Truffle First Spray Serum is a MUST go-to spray serum since this is not only a mist but it’s also a toner, serum, and essence. Hype about this serum is real. Toner, serum, essence in one spray! What else makes our white truffle spray serum even more special? Our brand’s signature White Truffle extracted from Italy, Piedmont and avocado oil work in harmony to deliver ample minerals and nutrients to the skin, while being well-known for intense anti-aging features. Avocado oil is set as a Guinness World Records as a 'superfood'  for supplying abundant nutrients, which you might want to use to recover all the lost moisture back into your skin.

Furthermore, our best-selling spray serum has sold more than 7 million bottles globally. What makes it so popular amongst celebrities?  The addition of other organic substances such as sunflower seed oil, and chica seed extract allow for a natural skin healing process, contributing to enhancements in skin relief, skin elasticity, and glow, all at once in one spray! Most importantly, you can spray before, during, after makeup whenever you need an instant boost of hydration throughout the day.


2. Instantly relieve your skin when irritated

dalba vital spray mist serum

Unlike our white truffle first spray serum, this White Truffle Vital Spray Serum is formulated with Italian white truffle and natural red oils to provide a full alleviating skincare experience. It works best when the skin is irritated to provide instantaneous skin relief, skin vitality, and texture enhancement. We all know red, inflamed, and irritated skin is hard to take care of especially during busy and hectic times. If you are not careful enough, it will go out of hand which we all struggle with.

Lithospermi radix extract, 3 types of red flower oils (rose hip oil, red rose oil, scented geranium oil), cherry blossom extract, Aquaxyl, Beautiful Herb Story, Lora-Anti-S help micro-molecules enter directly into your pores to absorb the product quickly and not leaving any residue like other sprays do. We all want to shorten skincare routine, yet still need instant but gentle full skincare  to give an efficient skincare experience. No need to worry! Clinically proven to improve skin blemishes & elasticity and to prevent moisture loss, this multifunctional spray serum comes in handy when you want to relieve skin, reverse damaged and fragile skin, and improve elasticity all at once with one quick spritz! It won’t leave your skin sticky, heavy, nor greasy at all.


3. Wear SPF every single day

dalba waterfull essence sunscreen

Skin cancer sucks. Let’s all be smart and protect your skin before cancer grows on you. SPF is always the hot topic which we all should know by now that wearing sunscreen all year round is the most crucial routine. Certified by SPF Authorizing Institute, our Waterfull Vegan UV Essence Sunscreen 50+ PA++++ provides broad spectrum protection from daily exposure to hazardous UVA and UVB rays while guaranteeing gentle but complete blockage. Of course, white truffle is comprised, while vast amounts of aquaxyl, sodium PCA, xylitylglucoside, anhydroxylitol, and xylitol allow high-quality moisturizing experience only leaving your skin looking healthy and fresh!

Whether at the workplace or your residence, light-weight essence-like consistency will effortlessly glide onto your face, defending against blue-light released while simultaneously putting your mind at ease. In-vitro experiment completed to lower blue light exposure and prevent its penetration into your skin pores, keeping you safe from aging and pigmentation of the skin. Nutrient-rich substances including white truffle and ‘Chateau Margaux’ wine extract promote a fast-absorbing, non-irritating effect while invisibly retaining under makeup.


4. Give pure yet moisture-rich SPF for breathable skin

dalba mild essence sunscreen

For those whose skin gets irritated and inflamed after using any type of skincare product, this Waterfull Vegan Mild Sunscreen will be a perfect fit for you. Designed specifically for sensitive skin types including children, it provides a mild and gentle application to the face while supplying nutrients and leaving your skin radiant due to its plant-based ingredients. The reason why it’s capable of maintaining its hydration is due to centella asiatica extract, tocopherol, hyaluronic acid, allantoin, witch-hazel extract, green tea water, holy basil extract that effectively aid in providing ample nutrients and complete moisturization.

If you thought other sunscreens were too dry for your skin, this sunscreen enables two effects at once which are instantaneously absorbing its UV protection and moisturizing functions, which can work as a makeup base. Our goal is to give all-in-one products, offering the most hydrating and most powerful UV protection. For those who dislike artificial fragrance or tint and its heavy finish, this multi-functional sunscreen comes in handy all year round. Its delicate and light-as-air texture will offer a refreshing look even after you reapply it multiple times while leaving your skin breathable. Most importantly, this pocket-sized sunscreen will fit right into your makeup pouch and always have your back when it’s needed for daily use!


5. From head to toe, add body spray to the routine

dalba body spray mist serum

Over the summer, you might have noticed your skin going oily, but it’s now becoming dull and losing shine as it begins to get colder outside. Not only does your face get dry, your whole body starts to lose moisture. When it comes to protecting your skin, many of you might immediately think of face oils, face cream, face toner etc. However, it is equally important to take care of your entire body from head to toe to keep your skin barrier strong and rejuvenate your entire body.

Here we have prepared White Truffle Body Glow Spray Serum for those who feel like applying body cream all over is too much. Simply spray and you are all set! It’s a quick go-to serum for damaged and dry skin to embrace a romantic and sophisticated fragrance, while embodying elegance as well as luxury vibes. You might have noticed that we specialize in producing delicate spray-formula products that spread out evenly and softly with no large particle residue. This one also has a built-in wide spray range that thoroughly seeps into the skin once dispersed, that reaches out-of-range parts as well.

This spray serum includes 24 different kinds of organic plant-based substances such as avocado oil, oats extract, basil extract, sunflower seed oil, wild soybean oil, and Mexican chia seed extract in addition to avocado peptide and acacia peptide that instantaneously nourish and promote luscious and healthy skin. Due to the exclusion of surfactants, natural layers formulated in a 3:7 serum to oil ratio provide a 2 in 1 skincare experience that contributes to hydration and skin vitality that you will immediately fall in love with.

Your skin is smart and recognizes the climate change and instantly causes a reaction to them. Cooler weather makes your skin dry and dry skin makes the perfect environment for your skin to break out and bacteria to grow and expand. Without humidity, there’s nothing that helps your skin to lock moisture in and holds your skin barrier tight. As we transition into fall, try our multi-functional and quick go-to spray serums and body spray to prevent increased irritation, sensitivity, and dryness while watching out for skin cancer!